Holy Knights Templar Guild

We are the Holy Knights Templar Guild-HKTG- the true spiritual descendants of the Knights Templar founded 1118AD. We are a brotherhood of Warrior Knights also known as the -Sons of God- and are the protectorate of all faiths, peoples and true teachings of Christ. Our martial doctrine enables our minds, bodies and souls to develop spiritual harmony, thus enabling us to achieve true Enlightenment. Do not confuse us with Imposter Knights Templar organisations, whom parade in outlandish regalia and seek subscriptions and monetary riches. Unlike them our path is true to the founding principles of the Holy Knights Templar. We are a Warrior organisation first and foremost and everyone is expected to take their military studies seriously. If you are unable physically for whatever reason to practice your military skills then you will be expected to pay extra attention to theoretical skills and other methods of combat so that the whole of -HKTG- will be stronger as a result, there are many facets to warfare and all can be as deadly when your abilities are great. We do not discriminate against gender or creed and you will never be asked for a single monetary commitment. We welcome people from all faiths in the HKTG as long as you agree with our aims and principles, we are an entity of tolerance and believe that people must be free to pursuit there own spiritual beliefs. Like the ideals of the founding Knights Templar we exist entirely on donations and the spirit of the word of Christ; -Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth-

The Knights Templar were western civilisations first Warrior Monk Order and as such it is the path of the HKTG's Moral and Christian reflection to never discriminate against those that are unable to financially contribute, to further the Guilds advancement. There are many rooms in the Templar house, none of which require payment. Indeed the Enlightened Warrior Knight has no need for the false monetary pleasures of this world for they have given their life to the protectorate of the Holy Word and the Holy Blood.

"The warriors are gentler than lambs and fiercer than lions, wedding the mildness of the monk with the valour of the knight, so that it is difficult to decide which to call them: men to adorn the Temple of Solomon with weapons instead of gems, with shields instead of crowns of gold, with saddles and bridles instead of candelabra: eager for victory -- not fame; for battle not for pomp; who abhor wasteful speech, unnecessary action, unmeasured laughter, gossip and chatter, as they despise all vain things: who, in spite of their being many, live in one house according to one rule, with one soul and one heart."~Bernard Clairvaux
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